How To Get The True Ending In Neon White

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How To Get The True Ending In Neon White

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The True Ending, also known as the "Book of Life Ending," is an unlockable conclusion to the story in the Ghostrunner-like FPS platformer Neon White. After the tense final battle with Green, White has the opportunity to either write Green's name in the Book of Death or the Book of Life. To get the True Ending, players must select the second option, forgiving Green and putting his name in the Book of life. However, this ending in action platformer is initially inaccessible to the protagonist, revealing to the player that they do not have enough Memories to proceed.

How To Get The True Ending In Neon White
In order to get the True Ending of Neon White, you must recover all of White’s Memories. This is done by maxing out the relationships of every and all NPC that you can meet in the game: Yellow, Violet, Red, Raz, Mikey, and Green. You can increase your relationship status with each of these characters by giving each one of them a gift that they like. Yellow likes the Six Pack, Red likes Perfume, Violet likes the Tattletail Toy, Raz likes the Lucky Cat Statue, and Mikey likes Cigars. For Green, players will need to find Strange Coins and throw them into the water at the beach in the overworld. You will need to collect every single gift in the game to achieve this ending.

In the final boss fight of the game, you’ll be given a choice between The Book of Life, and the Book of Death. Choose the Book of Life in order to receive the true ending.

If you haven’t completed all of the gifts, you won’t be able to choose the Book of Life as an option, but once you have you’ll need to choose it to see the true ending.

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